use of STATA

Dear students,

with immediate effect you can use the Econometric-Software STATA. Thanks to the cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration you benefit from a common campus license.

Thus, the offered lectures at the MSM improve because students have access to STATA via the Internet. Therewith it is possible to recalculate examples from the lectures e.g. "Einführung in die Wirtschaftsforschung" (Bachelor-level) or "Econometrics" (Master-level). Particularily, the examples of the tutorials in the Master-programme can be prepared/recalculated with STATA.

Last but not least it offers the possibility to perform independently econometric analysis in the context of a Bachelor or Master thesis.

An Internet connection and the installation of the free VMware Horizon View Clients is required to use STATA. Information concerning the installation of this programm you can find by using the following link :

<span style="mso-no-proof:yes;text-decoration: none;text-underline:none"><span style="mso-ignore:vglayout"></span></span> Link.

We hope that the new offer will be of interest to you!

Prof. Dr. Tobias Seidel